Guilty Pleasures, New Boots And Homemade Soup #LittleLoves

I absolutely love reading peoples #LittleLoves, so I have finally worked up the courage to join in. Here goes…


I love to read and I have been waiting for months for the new Jojo Moyes book ‘After You’ to be released. It is the follow up to ‘Me Before You’ which was amazing. I was finally able to purchase it this week on Amazon, and curled up with excitement on Tuesday evening to start reading, however when I opened my kindle I discovered that the screen had broken. Gutted!

So never got round to reading anything. Boo!


Like most of the country I tuned into The Great British Bake Off Final – which was fab. I was made up Nadiya won and her speech at the end had me in tears.

Great British Bake Off Winner

My guilty pleasure TOWIE started again this week – I am ashamed to admit it but I love it. I am actually the only person I know who watches it – please don’t judge me!


I have wore my new beautiful boots which you can read about in this post. I am a little bit in love with them.

Apart from that it’s pretty much my Mummy uniform of skinny jeans and converse.


I have heard Meme say ‘is it the weekend yet?’ every single day. She only started school five weeks ago! It’s going to be a long year.


As the nights are starting to draw in I am starting to make soup again. There is nothing more comforting than some homemade soup when the weather is cold. This week I made Roast Tomato Soup with Mozzarella Balls and it was delicious. It is a recipe from Davina’s 5 weeks to Sugar Free book.

5 weeks to Sugar Free Book Cover

I wanted to post a picture of it, but due to my 2 year old insisting on helping me empty the dishwasher most of my plates and bowls are chipped! Not a good look!

And Lastly

To celebrate Wallpaper week I finally got around to booking the decorators to pop round and do mine – seriously I have had the wallpaper for 18 months now, I hope I still like it.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!



13 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures, New Boots And Homemade Soup #LittleLoves

  1. So pleased that you plucked up the courage to join in! A lovely first Little Loves post too. I’m relieved to read that I’m not the only one that shed a tear or two at Nadiya’s speech. Wasn’t it just fantastic?
    Have a lovely weekend xx


  2. Nadine’s speech was lovely wasn’t it? Well deserved to win the competition.. Towie is definitely my secret pleasure too 😉 Popping over from #littleloves xx


  3. Ha ha you’re not the only TOWIE fan 😉 I just watched The Only Way is Marbs earlier tonight. Admittedly I only watched that because I used to live near Marbella so I like seeing where they’ve been filming, but I do sneak in the odd episode every so often. I seriously need to invest in some converse, everyone seems to be wearing them and they look so comfy! Have a great week x


  4. Welcome to Little Loves! Oh no, how annoying about your kindle! I might have to give those books a go, though I rarely find the time to read at the moment. I totally know how meme feels about the weekend. I was thinking just the same thing this morning xxx


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