Church Farm Santa Experience

Christmas Memories

We always try to do something the weekend before Christmas, creating magic moments for the girls, this weekend marked the end of the school term so more than ever we wanted something exciting and Christmassy to enjoy!

Last year we went to the Lantern walk at Chester Zoo, but I’m not sure if I was unorganised this year or everyone else was super organised but it was sold out. So we decided to do a Santa Experience at our local farm. On Saturday evening we got all kitted out in our winter warms and made our way to Church Farm.  We boarded a tractor bus which looked great kitted out in fairy lights. Whilst in the tractor parents were asked to write the name of their children and what the would like for Christmas.

We arrived minutes later and were presented with a path lit by twinkly lights that snaked into the forest. All the Children were given a lantern to hold and we made our way along the path. It felt so special and the girls were so excited being out in the dark in the woods.

Along the path we were greeted by lots of characters interacting with the children, including Rudolf who addressed the Children individually, asking if they were on the good list. We met a big snowman who we sang jingle belles with and eventually the path led to a Father Christmas and his sleigh. The girls were so excited, especially when Father Christmas had the nice list detailing the girls’ presents. After a little chat, a gift of chocolate and a family picture on the sleigh, we made our way along the path to have mulled wine (for the parents and was delicious) and mince pies before boarding the tractor back to our car. We finished of the evening with a Chinese meal and plenty of drinks (for us parents) to celebrate Christmas!

It was a special trip which we all throughly enjoyed. I love that we are constantly making memories that I hope my children will remember. Little family traditions that each year my girl’s will look forward to.

The magic of Christmas…


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One thought on “Christmas Memories

  1. What a great way to kick off the Christmas celebrations, hope you had a great festive holiday.

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot x


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