The Ordinary Moments – Being Brave

Be brave – this a phrase used often in our house.

As Meme gets older she seems to be getting more nervous and wary – I am starting to hear a lot of ‘I can’t do it’. Be brave Meme be brave is my response.

We got her a bike for her 4th birthday, a pink princess bike perfect for her. She was delighted with it, so we gave her a couple of months to get used to using the peddles and then we took off the stabilisers. We had lots of tears and wobbles, ‘ Its too hard, I can’t do it’  were her words. But, we knew she could so we pushed her and told her to be brave, and she did it, of course she did.

She started school in September which was scary and new, I tell her every morning ‘ be brave Meme you can do this’ and after a rocky few weeks she finally (fingers crossed) seems to be finding her feet.

However, I do feel that maybe I need to practice what I preach…

I started this blog last year – and prior to September I only wrote a handful of posts. I wanted to write more but I just didn’t have the confidence. I was scared. Putting myself out there for people to see and potentially judge scares me yet I spend so much time telling my girls to be brave! Why can’t I follow my own advice!?

So after watching my big girl overcome her fears it’s now my turn. Maybe I’m not ready to conquer all social media just yet but I am taking small steps.

Lead and they will follow.


3 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Being Brave

  1. It’s hard to fully believe in your blogging at first I think. Two years later and I am just about starting to feel comfortable with what I write and when. It will come. But massive yes to leading by example for our children xx


  2. Aw well done to her, she does sound very brave. My little girl has had her bike a while but isn’t confident without stabilisers yet, I think we need to practice. And blogging and putting yourself out there can be a bit scary to start with but you definitely will get used to it. Good luck! x


  3. Start with baby steps, sometimes you need to be brave and take a giant leap but a lot of blogging changes are baby steps and require a little less bravery – a bit like Meme’s stabilisers!


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