Christmas Preparations

I am such a Christmas person, I am that annoying person who wants to play Christmas music at the beginning of November. This year feels like it has just crept up on me though.

We usually go to the Chester Zoo Christmas lantern walk but when I tried to book tickets it was all sold out. We were planning to meet friends at Chester Winter Wonderland this week but have found it is not on this year. I usually have firm ideas on what I am getting people and usually have bought a few items but this year I feel I have no clue on presents. I popped to Liverpool for a little shop last week and I found that many of the items that I required have sold out already. I think it was a necessary wake up call – I need to get preparing for Christmas!

With this in mind we have recently:

  • Booked a trip to visit Santa at our local farm, which the girls will love.
  • Me and my sisters have arranged Christmas drinks next weekend
  • I have promised the girls they can choose a Christmas decoration for the tree so we have been looking round for some
  • We have ordered some Christmas card which Meme has designed herself
  • I have lined up a few Christmas films all ready to watch.
  • We have bought some Advent calendars which are all ready to be opened on 1st December.

It’s beginning to look a lot (or at least a bit more) like Christmas!



You Baby Me Mummy



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