Disney Films, Justin Bieber and Warm Hats #Littleloves

Another week all done and dusted, getting closer and closer to December! Although I am not really prepared for Christmas I am very excited. Me and Hubbie are booking a day off work to go Christmas shopping next week and I can’t wait.

Here are my #littleloves


Like people all over the world I have been reading the papers about the terror attack in Paris. So sad, so unnecessary. It is heartbreaking, I cannot even begin to imagine what their poor families are going through.

Meme came home from school asking lots of questions about it, and I honestly didn’t know how to answer, how can you explain to a five year old that there is evil in the world? Praying for Paris.


We settled down on Sunday evening to watch ‘Big Hero 6’ which was really good, we all really enjoyed it.


Harri is also a little obsessed with the Lion King, it is a great film, one of Disney’s finest, but every day?!


I cannot believe I am writing this however I am really liking Justin Bieber’s song ‘Sorry’, in fact I also liked his last song ‘What Do You Mean?’

I think maybe i am having a mid thirties crisis? Or else I’m turning into a Belieber!


The temperatures have dropped this week so I have been wearing my hat! I don’t really suit hats but needs must.



I made a Prawn & Pepper Courgette Stir Fry from Madeleine Shaw, it was delicious and I would highly recommend it.


And Lastly

Nativity play update – after some tears and moaning regarding Meme’s role as a shepherd, I suggested if she isn’t happy then she needs to speak to her teacher. Meme can be quiet at times and I am trying to help build her confidence a little and also show her that sometimes you need to be brave and speak out. So, to my surprise she did – and has now been changed to an Angel which she is delighted about. So we have a happy house again!

Have a lovely weekend.x



4 thoughts on “Disney Films, Justin Bieber and Warm Hats #Littleloves

  1. Wow that stir fry looks amazing. Love the bundled up photo of you all so cute. I was the same shaken by the news and so nervous to travel off to London this weekend for a conference and I wouldn’t even begin to know what to say to the kids. Bless. There is nothing wrong with a little Belieber in us all! Have a lovely weekend. #littleloves


  2. Big Hero 6 is so good, we have it on nearly every day in our house 🙂 We went through a Lion King phase too! Weirdly, one of my friends has also suddenly found a love of Beiber, I told her it was some kind of 30’s crisis, haha, you are not alone! I love that Meme got her part changed in the play, good on you for telling her to ask herself, I think that is such a great way to handle it xx


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