Happy Harri

A trip to the pictures, catching up and back to school #littleloves

It is November can you believe it!! Back to school this week after a lovely half term – I feel like we are on the fast track to Christmas – eek!

Here are my #littleloves for this week.


I have read nothing at all I’m afraid, the only books I am opening at the moment are Meme’s school reading which generally consist of the words Tap, Pat, and Cat.


As mentioned last week, Me and Hubbie took Meme to see Hotel Transylvania 2 which was fab! We all really enjoyed it.

Meme at the pictures
Meme at the pictures

I also watched my usual reality fodder of Made in Chelsea and The Apprentice.

Still persevering with Mr Robot but still not sure, it is getting kinda strange.


I have been wearing my heels a bit more this week, I always feel more confident wearing heels and a pair of heels always dress up an outfit don’t you think?

My girls wore lovely Halloween outfits, they put them on as soon as they got up on Saturday! You can read all about our Halloween here.

Halloween Fun
Halloween Fun


Hmmm I am really struggling this week.  How about I have made an effort to make some after school plans with friends, we haven’t seen some friends since before the summer and obviously with Meme starting school we just don’t have as much free time.  So this week I have made a conscious effort to catch up with people and put some play dates in the diary.


I went shopping on Monday afternoon and heard Christmas songs playing in the shops! Not just one shop but 3 shops! Really – It is the first week of November!! I secretly enjoyed them though!

And lastly

I was hoping that we would be all refreshed and energetic after a week off but actually it has been tough getting up and out.  Meme was up at 7am every morning in the half term wide eyed but this week we are having to drag her out of the bed.  It is always the way isn’t it.

Have a lovely weekend – we are off to a Bonfire display tomorrow which should be fun!


10 thoughts on “A trip to the pictures, catching up and back to school #littleloves

  1. Ha ha we were up early while the kids were off then struggled to get up the last few days, thank god it’s friday!

    We watched Hotel Transylvania at halloween, what a sweet story! I didn’t see the first one but I thought this one was lovely. Kids liked it too.

    Enjoy the fireworks! x


  2. Enjoy the firework display! Love the Halloween costumes, very cute. I’m enjoying The Apprentice this season (as much as cringing and loving something at the time can be counted as enjoying haha) #littleloves


  3. I think the first week after half term is always the worst getting back into a routine! I still cannot believe we are in November either! This year has flown by!! Popping over from #littleloves linky x


  4. I’ve just realised that I forgot to come back and leave a comment yesterday when my internet connection froze, that looks like a very familiar background to me, is it along the Wirral Way? My favourite bit is at Thurstaston. The girls look so cute in their costumes. The first week after half term is always difficult for us too, it’s too dark and miserable ha! I hope the fireworks were great xx


  5. Hotel Transylvania is fab isn’t it? We loved it when we went to see it a few weeks ago. I know what you mean about the whole reading thing, the only books I seem to be seeing are E’s reading books and yes it’s all tap, pat and cat! haha xx


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