Halloween Sign


Is it just me or has Halloween gone crazy the last few years? I know I’m gonna sound old when I say this but in my day Halloween consisted of a game of duck apple and that was about it.  I remember when I hit my teens I went trick or treating with my sisters and friends but my outfit was simply a black bin bag and a witches hat (oh and let’s not forget a carrier bag to collect some sweets in). There were no Halloween parties, no fancy outfits, and no pumpkin carving.

Over the years we haven’t really celebrated all that much apart from the obligatory pumpkin baby grow when they were tiny and a very small amount of trick or treating last year.  However, there was no getting out if it this year, Meme was so excited!

Meme Pumkin
Meme and Percy Pumkin

So we made more effort, we went on a special shopping trip with their cousins to pick an outfit, Meme chose a scary bride dress and Harri chose a pumpkin outfit.  We carved a pumpkin and put a candle in and we bought a spooky sign for outside the house – we even made some monster cupcakes.  My three year old niece staying for the night made it even more special.

My Halloween girls
My Halloween girls

We popped to a friend’s house for some monster games and dancing with her two boys. Her house looked amazing with spider decorations and skulls spotted around. We then went for the first round of trick or treating which the girls loved. Once home, we were out again for trick or treating round 2 – hyped up on sugar this time!

It was a fun night and it was amazing to see how much trouble everyone had gone to. It definitely inspired me to put a bit more thought into next year though…



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