Farewell October

So we are almost at the end of October – you may remember from this post I was desperate for this month to come, and don’t get me wrong it has not been perfect, all of the issues from September haven’t disappeared but the new month was just what we needed.

October has been filled with glorious weather, sunny crisp days which we have welcomed. Rather than driving the five minutes to school every morning the nice weather has encouraged us to walk there more often which has been really nice, allowing us to chat and giggle a bit more – a much better way to start the day than stressing out trying to find a car park space and hurrying the girls out of the car.

We haven’t had too many plans this month which has been lovely, allowing us to basically do as we feel at the weekends. Meme has got back into her ballet and swimming class with ease and she has also started street dance which she is enjoying.  I feel like the classes are helping her discover what she enjoys doing whilst also boosting her confidence, which is so important for her.

I think the icing on the cake in October is definitely the half term, we have all really been looking forward to it (although Meme was under the impression she was getting 6 weeks off not just one!). Everyone is tired and in need of some lazy mornings and little routine. We have made some plans, catching up with friends and family and of course we have halloween which the girls are very excited about (me not so much).

So thank you October… it’s been a pleasure!

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