The Ordinary Moments – Our Little Traditions

Like most families we have special traditions. The big ones like going to choose our Christmas tree every year and our easter egg hunt in the garden, but we also have little traditions, ordinary ones, nothing extravagant just little rituals we have.

When I was younger my Dad would get paid on a Friday, so every Friday as a treat he used to go to the shops on his way home from work and buy me and my sisters a chocolate bar and a can of lemonade. This was our family tradition and we used to be so excited, looking forward to Friday every week.

Now I am married with my own children we have our own Friday ritual. After picking my girls up from school and nursery, we go home have a snack and then we head off to Meme’s swimming lesson and that is where we meet Daddy. After swimming (and a quick run around) we go home and enjoy a chippy tea and discuss our weekend plans much to the girl’s delight! After the girls are tucked up for bed, me and hubbie finish the week with candles, music and a large glass of wine, catching up on our week.

It may not be the most exciting tradition but it is one that we all really look forward to and, like my childhood Fridays, I am sure it will be one that we will always remember.

Mami 2 Five

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Our Little Traditions

  1. It sounds fab! You can’t beat a Friday chippy tea! I feel like we haven’t got any, but then if I think about there’s definitely things we do every single week! It’s lovely for the kids to have that to look forward to! Xx


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