My Harri, my baby. You are 2 I cant believe it.

Your nickname in our house is whirly – because you are a whirlwind from the moment you wake up from the moment you go to bed. You have the cheekiest face, so beautiful so full of life. Completely different from your sister – smiling and excited for the day ahead  the moment you wake up. Dancing round having fun – my parents say your are exactly like me when I was younger.

That’s not to say you are not a handful beacuase you most certainly are – oh you frustrate me at times Harri, so headstrong and stubborn. Even though you are only two you know exactly what you want.

You are talking so much now which is lovely hearing your voice. You are also very loud you always have been we have never needed a baby monitor with you, we could hear you all over the house when you cried – Im sure the neighbours did as well.

You are such a daddy’s girl always calling his name. Daddy is delighted with this as he never gets much attention from your sister.

It tough to get kisses from you – you shout NO and runaway when I ask you laughing, although I have now discovered  that when we play princesses  and the meanies  put a sleeping spell on Mummy the only way to wake me  is a kiss from you and your sister, you are straight over to save me and I get a lovely big kiss from you. It melts my heart.

If I had to use one word to describe you it would be FUN. You bring fun and giggles wherever you go. We all adore you especially your sister.  You complete our Family. I can’t imagine a time when you weren’t here. It must have been very quiet that’s for sure.

I’m such a lucky Mummy – I thank you for bringing so much sunshine into our life.  With your sister starting school in September its just going to be me and you which Im very excited about. We will make it such a fun year.

Happy Birthday my lovely girl



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