Like a lot of people especially Mums I am constantly busy rushing round even when I haven’t got the girls I am rushing as I am now aware that I don’t have much childless time so I try to get as much done as possible. I feel like I am always chasing my tail.

Well, last week things came to a head, firstly whilst rushing (obviously!) I knocked my phone of the table  and smashed the screen so half of the touch screen doesn’t work. Then whilst rushing I bumped another car, nothing serious, damaged my ego more than anything…then lastly my Mum had the girls for a sleepover as pre school was on half term and I was working, I woke up eager to get chores done, I rushed making lunch, getting dressed emptying the dishwasher -the list goes on. Whilst driving to work I had the feeling that I had forgotten something, it wasn’t until I got out the car that I shamefully realised that I had threw on some old pumps to hang out the washing and had forgot to change them. Now my work is casual but not that casual – they are old got oil stains on them and I’d actually wore them to the beach the day before. They were practically hanging off my feet. I felt and looked a mess!

It was an eye opener of a week – really?! What am I rushing for? Does it really matter if the dishes need washing sometimes or the clothes need ironing who cares! I need to slow down, calm down and possibly get more organised! Xx


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