A girl’s day in

I always find that its a fine line between doing too much and not doing enough. Too many plans and I am rushing round getting places talking to people not enjoying my time with my girls and not enough to do the girls get bored the TV comes on, everyone feels a bit lethargic.

We have busy weekends – after being stuck in an office all week Daddy is desperate to be out and about at the weekends. Bikes, scooters, walks beaches, gardens. We do it all.

I work Thursdays and Fridays so I have 3 days just me and the girls.I usually have plans for us in the week, be it parks, walks, soft-play, shops, meeting friends, swimming the list goes on. I feel having no plans all a bit daunting. We never stay in for the day we always do something.

Anyway this week was one of the rare weeks I didn’t have any plans made, so I asked my eldest A what should we do today? and she replied with ‘please can we just stay in’ so that’s exactly what we did.

We had picnics and water play in the garden, we played fairies (and pirates and aliens my girls love a bit of role play) we baked cakes, we watched an afternoon film of The Lion King in bed eating chocolate.

It was a perfect day. It made me realise that maybe we need more lazy days just playing and less rushing and planning.



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