Oh the Irony

How ironic that the last post I wrote was about being a quitter and then I don’t post for 6 or so months…also I don’t think I have been running since the last post.

There is no reason for this I often feel like I have got so much to say but yet I don’t have the words to write it down.

Today we find our what school my oldest little girl Meme will be going to in September – me and my husband were delighted that we got a place in our first choice. I thought I would be buzzing all day – but I’m not, I feel sad and weepy. Knowing what school she will be attending just makes it all so real. Meme is so excited and being a September baby she is definitely more than ready, and I am of course excited for this new chapter in her life, Meme is quite a shy little girl and I do think school will be the making of her. However it scares me, she is growing up so fast, time is just going so fast and it scares me. I only work 12 hours so I am very much at home with my girls the majority of the time, we have so much fun just the 3 of us, playing, chatting, exploring and I am sad this will be changing – come September we will have a new routine, 3 down to 2. I will admit I am not good with change. I am pretty sure it is going to be an emotional summer.



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