Nice to meet you…

Well this is my first blog and I will admit I feel a little nervous. Although I have used computers all my adult life I cant say I have a clue what I’m doing!! I’m not on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram in fact I suppose you could say I’m not that sociable!!! So what made me start a blog?!

Well I am a Mummy of 2 beautiful girls Meme & Harri and they are my everything, but lately I feel like I need something for me…I feel lost! I have tried everything, drinking, shopping, crying and just giving myself some time… but I still don’t feel like me! So maybe I just need to get it all out there, write it all down.

I actually love reading people’s blogs. I love relating to other Mummies. I love seeing all the fun stuff other people do with their Children – It inspires me!!

So lets give it a go….Eek!!


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